Only those who have a dog can understand it 🐾

You got a dog? Good. Then you can skip reading. Because #unconditionallove #longwalks #crazylaugh are all familiar to you. The ⬇️

✔️loyal pair of eyes that won’t skip a single move you make 👀

✔️joyful participation in everything you do 🐶

✔️readiness to follow you to the end of the world 🐾

✔️cheerful welcoming home 🏡

✔️silent understanding 🧸

… are just a tiny piece of the endless list of reasons why you should never settle for a life without a dog.

Having a 4 paws friend 🐾 means you never have to face things on your own. Imagine someone who’s always there for you: to support, to listen, to participate. Some of you will say that’s what are best friends for. I get your point but imagine a best friend who will never judge nor betray. Now you got mine, right 🙃🙌🏼

Pessimism says “Come on, it’s just a dog” 🙄 Dog owners know it’s not. It’s ⬇️

🐾 a soul mate

🐾 a loyal partner in every crime

🐾 a compassionate friend

🐾 a life coach

🐾 a personal therapist…

A dog is everything joy bringing & whoever thinks “it’s just a dog”, is just an idiot.

A dog is the only creature on Earth that loves you more than it loves itself. Dogs know how to fix your pain without saying a word. They are true friends that leave paw prints. Deep in your heart ❤️

Dogs teach more humanity without even being humans. No one’s ever gonna love you stronger, be more understanding to your moods or keep your secrets better.

Are you still reading? Do you agree? ‘Cause in case you don’t, my dog won’t like you. & if my dog doesn’t like you, I won’t like you either. It probably means there’s nothing to like about you…

High heels a.k.a why adding 6” to your height changes the day 🙃👠

Remember Cinderella? Isn’t her story a proof that a pair of shoes 👠 could literally change the whole scenario?

1. Shoes speak louder than words ➡️ the higher the heels, the higher the standards 🔝 Psychologists invested lotta time investigating links between shoes condition & owner personality. Dirty shoes & flats reveal the same: a boring owner that could easily mix with the crowd. Shiny shoes & high heels on the other hand, mean the owner is interesting, different, creative, attentive to details, adventure ready & perfectly fine with the inconveniences of life. You gotta admit remaining mature in situations that make you wanna run away screaming is a huge advantage 🙃

2. Shoes reveal character. Next time you see a girl, standing tall in her 6″ heels, think about the struggle she goes trough. Observe the way she moves, the way she walks, the way she talks…

P.S. 💯 in case she smiles as high heels are a provocative combination of pleasure & pain. & trust me, at some point pain makes you wanna get rid of that pair of devious items right away.

3. High heels bring you closer to heaven 👼🏼 High heels lift up not only physically but emotionally as well. It’s hard not to be a better person in heels. Heels change the way you look ➡️ feel ➡️ think. Even your eye lashes move differently. Not to mention head-chin-back positions.

4. It’s hard not to be sexy in heels 💁🏼‍♀️ Gotta be a complete idiot in order not to look deviously hot in a pair of mind boggling heels 🙃

5. Short girls are mean as they are closer to hell 👹 Imagine spending the day so high, that negativity remains below your horizon. Chase your dreams in high heels & let average girls roll around in their flats.

6. 👠 represent a powerful weapon. Phsycologists again ➡️ a research clearly shows that men & women are treated differently. When a crowd sees a man, they listen to the things he says before paying attention to the way he looks. When the same crowd sees a woman, the crowd will only listen to that woman just in case they approve the way she looks.

Conclusion ➡️ Never underestimate the strength of a woman in heels. See her running in these damn heels? Better move. She won’t stop.